[R] crosshair in scatterplot to mark special points

From: Mike R <mike.rstat_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon 13 Jun 2005 - 16:52:45 EST

In a plot on an X11 device, I'd like to mark a few points with a large thin "crosshairs". By "mark" I mean: draw the crosshair on the plot.

The two unsatisfactory methods that I have are:

   points( x, y, pch="+" ,cex=2)

    line(xa, xb, y0, y0)
    line(x0, x0, ya, yb)

Method #1 produces a crosshair with fat lines. It is not possible to adequately scale the "plus-sign" for my purposes, due to messages like:

   X11 used font size 34 when 42 was requested

Method #2 produces a thin crosshair, but it is difficult to get the two crosshair lines to be of the same physical length on the device. the lines also change length when i change/resize the device.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions,


platform i686-pc-linux-gnu

arch     i686             
os       linux-gnu        
system   i686, linux-gnu  
major    2                
minor    1.0              
year     2005             
month    04               
day      18               

language R

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