Re: [R] slow loading with lme4

From: Doran, Harold <>
Date: Mon 13 Jun 2005 - 20:05:44 EST

I should have also noted there is a huge efficiency gain when using lme4 over nlme in that the Matrix package introduces faster matrix operations using sparse matrix algorithms.  

So, while it may take a moment or two longer to load this package, it saves you *significant* time when fitting mixed linear models. So, you might view this as a cost/benefit trade-off, not a problem.  


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	It is actually the Matrix package that is taking so long, not lme4. It is is extremely large and is required for use with lme4. I think Doug Bates or Duncan Murdoch can confirm Matrix() contains more than 6000 or so lines of code. But, it is not a problem, it just is what it is.
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	        it takes a long time to load the lme4 package.anyone else encounter this problem?

> system.time(library(lme4))
载入需要的程辑包:Matrix 载入需要的程辑包:lattice [1] 19.90 0.30 25.56 NA NA
> version
_ platform i386-pc-mingw32 arch i386 os mingw32 system i386, mingw32 status Patched major 2 minor 1.0 year 2005 month 05 day 29 language R OS:windows 2000 2005-06-13 ------ Deparment of Sociology Fudan University [[alternative HTML version deleted]] [[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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