Re: [R] us zipcode data map

From: Francisco J. Zagmutt <>
Date: Tue 14 Jun 2005 - 09:17:04 EST

The first hit in RSiteSearch("html") guides you to the package R2HTML. Take a look at HTMLInsertGraph {R2HTML}. Try RSiteSearch("pdf") for pdf devices.   Hint: savePlot("MyPlot","pdf")



>From: Mike R <>
>To: "Francisco J. Zagmutt" <>
>Subject: Re: [R] us zipcode data map
>Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 00:17:53 -0700
>On 6/12/05, Francisco J. Zagmutt <> wrote:
> > Not that I am aware of. Try library(help="maps") for a list of all the
> > functions in the library. Anyhow, I am not sure that a US map with
> > will look very good/readable, unless you focus on a very small area
> > county).
>Hi Francisco - the map dimensions are about 150x50 miles.
>But what i've learned is that a zipcode region has area=0 because
>a zipcode region is a group of street addresses. instead of a region,
>it is more like a tree.
>My current plan of action is to use readily available government
>ascii tables. From those tables, I can obtain a single latitude and
>longitude for each zipcode, and a government "estimate" of the
>"land area" in square miles.
>From there, it should be easy to display the data on one of the maps in
>the package that you recommended (thanks). If not, there are other
>options for the "base map".
>My new task (which I have not investigated yet) is to see if facilities
>exist in R to turn the X11 device into an HTML document with an
>html-map .... or into a PDF with hyperlinks.

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