Re: [R] why does the unsubscribe not work

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Tue 14 Jun 2005 - 22:21:39 EST

>>>>> "PD" Peter Dalgaard <> >>>>> on 14 Jun 2005 12:06:53 +0200 writes:

    PD> writes:

>> Hi I have tried to unsubscribe from this list now three
>> times, I desperately need to unsubscribe from this list
>> from this address because the list is choking this
>> mailbox.

>> Below are the various suggested ways of unsubscribing

    .............. (whining whining ...)

    PD> What are the timeframes involved? There is always some time delay. In
    PD> particular, there is no way of stopping mails that have already been
    PD> sent by the list handling software. And if your mailbox is clogged,
    PD> things may stay in the queue for up to five days before the relevant     PD> mail relay gives up.

    PD> If your password has stopped working, it suggests to me that you have     PD> in fact already been unsubscribed.

yes, and that's exactly true. He has been unsubscribed when he wanted it -- and IIRC the confirmation e-mail even tells you that you may continue to receive mail for a short while after unsubscribing.

Yes, I ("r-help-owner") have seen your e-mail -- without any politeness usually seen in letters including no name of sender -- among many other things that I must do or want to complete. If "*-owner" was requested to deal with subscription and unsubscriptions ``manually'' each time someone unsubcscribes or subscribes, this would amount to deal with about 20 such e-mails per day. I'm usually inclined to reply to polite e-mail letters, but even then only when more urgent duties have been fulfilled first. It seems that 99% of all R-help subscribers can deal with the system themselves.

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