Re: [R] load ing and saving R objects

From: Wiener, Matthew <>
Date: Tue 14 Jun 2005 - 23:15:32 EST

This may not be quite the answer you're looking for, but I sometimes save each such object in its own file (usually <>.RData). Then, if you know which objects you're looking for, you know their names, and can load the individual files.

Hope this helps,

Matt Wiener

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Subject: [R] load ing and saving R objects

Does anyone know a way to do the following:

Save a large number of R objects to a file (like load() does) but then read back only a small named subset of them . As far as I can see, load() reads back everything.

The context is:

I have an application which will generate a large number of large matrices (approx 15000 matrices each of dimension 2000*30). I can generate these matrices using an R-package I wrote, but it requires a large amouint of memory and is slow so I want to do this only once. However, I then want to do some subsequent processing, comprising a very large number of runs in which small (~ 10) random selection of matrices from the previously computed set are used for linear modeling. So I need a way to load back named objects previously saved in a call to save(). I can;t see anyway of doing this. Any ideas?


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