Re: [R] load ing and saving R objects

From: Barry Rowlingson <>
Date: Tue 14 Jun 2005 - 23:24:53 EST

Richard Mott wrote:
> Does anyone know a way to do the following:
> Save a large number of R objects to a file (like load() does) but then
> read back only a small named subset of them . As far as I can see,
> load() reads back everything.

  Save them to individual files when you generate them?

  for(i in 1:15000){


   filename=paste("BigMatrix-",i,".Rdata",sep='')    save(m,file=filename)

Note that load will always overwrite 'm', so to load a sample of them in you'll need to do something like this:


  for(i in sample(15000,N)){
    filename=paste("BigMatrix-",i,".Rdata",sep='')     load(filename)

  But there may be a more efficient way to string up a big list like that, I can never remember - get it working, then worry about optimisation.

  I hope your filesystem is happy with 15000 objects in it. I would dedicate a folder or directory for just these objects' files, since it then becomes near impossible to see anything other than the big matrix files...

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