[R] c(recursive=TRUE)

From: Eric Lecoutre <lecoutre_at_stat.ucl.ac.be>
Date: Wed 15 Jun 2005 - 00:41:20 EST

Hi R users,

I am currently using c(...,recursive=TRUE) to handle list-structured objects.
This allows to represent something like:

> l1 = list(level1=1,level2=list(sub1=1,sub2=2)) as:
> (l1names = names(c(l1,recursive=TRUE)))
[1] "level1" "level2.sub1" "level2.sub2"

Then, one can use:
> (l1names = sapply(l1names,FUN=function(element)
[1] "level1"

[1] "level2" "sub1"

[1] "level2" "sub2"

Which allows to access to individuals terminal nodes of list using indexing, as
l1[[c("level2","sub2")]] nicely works in R.

For my very specific uses, it unfortunatelt happens that some elements of my list do have names that contains a dot (for example: decimal.mark). This is very frustating as a consequence is that my function does not work in that case...

One workaround would be to add an argument to c(), as delimitor='.' by default, allowing to put a less usual delimitor (say ""). But this would mean changing in C (feature request?). Same for "unlist".

Is there any other easy way to get the structure of a list?


Eric Lecoutre
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