Re: [R] How to fix false positve rates?

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Date: Wed 15 Jun 2005 - 08:22:38 EST


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Subject: [R] How to fix false positve rates?

Dear R-users,

I have a set of 12000 image samples. I can divide this set into two categories: training and testing. I need to classify the test set into a two qualitative outputs: true or false for some characteristic.

To do the classification I'm using the packages SVM in e1071 library and LDA in the MASS library. However, I'm with a great number of FALSE POSITIVE CASES in both classifiers, about 10/15%.

  1. How can I use these classifiers with a fixed 1% FALSE POSITIVE RATE?

Surely you jest! Classification is not hypothesis testing.You do not get to control either false positive or negative rates. You try to minimize (an unbiased estimate of) mislclassification rate.

2) Could anynone indicate me a non-linear SVM classifier R-package? 3) Could anynone indicate me an ADA-BOOST classifier R-package?

RSiteSearch('boosting', restrict = 'functions')

Bert Gunter

Thanks for all. I'm anxiously wait the answers. Best regards.

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