[R] lattice, panel.grid, and scales=list(tick.number=XXX)

From: M. K. <mk_lists_at_yahoo.ca>
Date: Wed 15 Jun 2005 - 08:36:36 EST

I have a Lattice plot in which I want to adjust the number of tick marks used, and I want to have the drawn grid reflect that change. Here is what I'm doing:

bwplot(var1 ~ var2, data=df, scales=list(tick.number=10),

       panel=function(...) {
	   panel.stripplot(col="gray40", pch="|", cex=2, ...);

Unfortunately this doesn't quite work. Although the bwplot's tick marks are indeed increased as requested, the panel.grid produces the same (3 line) grid as before, seemingly unaware of the changed # of ticks.

Any suggestions on how to achieve what I want?

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