[R] Graph with values of coordinates of points in x axis

From: Massimiliano Tripoli <massitripoli_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed 15 Jun 2005 - 18:35:15 EST

Hi all,

I want to draw a line with the values of x marked in X axis.

I tried with
x <- c(0,6,12,18,24,30) #coordinates of points x y <- c(2,5,7,5,7,16) #coordinates of points y plot(x,type="n",xlab="Months",ylab="Y
values",main="main",ylim=c(0,16),xlim=c(0,30)) lines(x,y)

The graph shows by default an increment of the sequence in x axis that I'm not able to change.
I'would like to have 0,6,12,18,24,30 and not 0,10,15,20,25,30.
Any hint is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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