Re: [R] Possible bug in file.choose() - how to tell?

From: Hans-Peter <>
Date: Wed 15 Jun 2005 - 21:14:59 EST

2005/6/15, Prof Brian Ripley <>:
> OS? R version? Locale?

Win2000, SP4 - 2.1.0 -


> This is a known problem with R 2.1.0 on Windows in some locales, solved
> long ago in R-patched.

True. It works perfectly with 2.1.0 patched. Thanks.

> > PLEASE do read the posting guide!
> Yes, that does apply to you! Please do supply the basic information it
> asks for. If you want to allege a bug, so read carefully the section on
> BUGS in the FAQ.

Ok. - For the next time: could I have found out myself, that this was solved? (I did search the mail archiv and the r-project website; and also had a look at the NEWS)

Thanks again and best regards,
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