Re: [R] umlauts in Rd files

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Thu 16 Jun 2005 - 03:12:14 EST

Prof Brian Ripley <> writes:

> UTF-8 for latex does not work well (as yet, at least: there is now a
> utf8 encoding that allows at least the first plane (Latin-1) to work).
> So it would be much better to use Latin-1 for the file and mark it
> with \encoding{latin1} and mark specifically with \enc{Möbius}{Mobius}
> or your preferred transliteration.
> The problem is not really for Latin-2 (which does have a and o
> diaeresis), but languages such as Japanese and Chinese which only have
> ASCII. So the transliteration is for people without any accents in
> their charset.

Right, I misremembered about odiereses (looks like font tables want to spell it like that). The Danish ae, oslash, aring are absent in Latin-2 though.

The utf8 encoding for LaTeX seems a bit better than just Latin 1. See

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