Re: [R] Reducing the FPR (false positive rate)

From: Liaw, Andy <>
Date: Thu 16 Jun 2005 - 22:56:43 EST

> From: Anderson de Rezende Rocha
> Hello R-USERS,
> I think some people didn't understand my question. What I want is to
> use the training set to minimize the FALSE POSITIVE RATE.
> I think it is possible. I sacrifice ACCURACY to have less FALSE
> POSITIVES. I don't want a classifier result with 5% of FPR and, for
> example, 93% of ACCURACY. I want a 1% FPR sacrificing the 93%
> Do you know how can I do this? I really need this because the
> requisite
> of the work I'm doing is only 1% of FPR.

I'm afraid it's you who's not getting the point. You don't need any classifier to get minimum FPR: just call everything `negative' and you have 0% FPR, which is as minimum as FPR gets.

FPR can not be fixed, as it's an unknown quantity. It make as much sense to say you want a classifier with a particular FPR as to say that you want a classifier with a particular error rate. What you can do is estimate the parameters of the classifier that gives you an _approximate_ FPR that's close to what you want, but there's no guarantee that you will get exactly that FPR on any test set.


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