Re: [R] an operator for "contains"

From: Jonathan Baron <>
Date: Sat 18 Jun 2005 - 06:42:21 EST

See match(). Also intersect().

The documentation for operators is, I think mostly at the top of the index page for the base package, the one you searched. The relevant one is %in%. I guess "Value matching" didn't ring the right bell.

On 06/17/05 13:31, Mike R wrote:
 k = c(1:9)
 if( length( which(k==3) ) ){ print("contained") }else{ print("not contained") }  

 is therre a simple way to test if a vector/list contains a particular value?  

 for example an operator, along the lines of: ==  

 more generally, is the a documentaion page that lists/describes all  such operators?  

 lastly, if you didn't know the answer to my question, how would you have  gone about searching for an answer? I tried RSiteSearch() using various  terms, and I opened R-2.1.0/library/base/html/00Index.html and searched  for various terms.  


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