[R] r: integration question

From: Clark Allan <Allan_at_stats.uct.ac.za>
Date: Mon 20 Jun 2005 - 20:11:05 EST

hi all

at the outset i must APOLOGIZE for sending the following mail. it is not R related but since there are many stats and maths buffs that use the list i decided to send the following question.

integrate ((1+((y-bx)^2)/(av))*(1+(x^2)/(bv)))^(-0.5*(v+1))

over the interval 0 to inf

a>0, b>0 and v>4
y treated as a constant over the real line.

i could integrate the function using "integrate". do so for a large number of y values and plot the function BUT i would prefer an exact solution if possible.

any help will be appreciated.
i've attached a word file with the formula


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