Re: [R] Fedora Core 4

From: Marc Schwartz <>
Date: Tue 21 Jun 2005 - 05:05:39 EST

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 22:29 +0200, wrote:
> The Fedora upgrade process should normally install backward compatibility
> libraries when it finds an RPM linked to a library (or library version) that
> isn't in the new release. In this case "compat-libf2c-32" provides libg2c on
> FC4, and it should be installed on your system if you previously had R for FC3
> installed. So R should continue to work. But it will break when you start
> compiling packages on the new system because the configuration information in
> the file /usr/lib/R/etc/Makeconf is obsolete. Hopefully this situation will
> occur rarely, because there isn't really a way to deal with it automatically.
> I'm pretty sure the current R RPM for FC4 on Red Hat Extras is broken. The RPM
> build process adds a lot of compiler flags. R 2.1.1 doesn't pass "make
> check-all" when built with these flags (and if you try the legacy compilers
> Marc mentioned, it doesn't even get past the configure step). A close look at
> the spec file from Red Hat shows that this line has been commented out, which
> was a mistake. I'll try to ensure that their next release works. In the mean
> time, I am bumping up the Epoch number of my RPMs to 1 so they should be
> considered an "upgrade" of the Red Hat ones.
> Martyn.
> Compiling R 2.1.1 on FC4 with gcc4


Just a quick heads up that Tom appears to be in the midst of the updates for 2.1.1, as there have been some commits to the R CVS at Extras today.

The CVS commit e-mail list has an archive here:

He has some commit posts that being with "rpms/R"

If you have not yet seen it, a web interface to the Extras CVS for R is at:

I thought that I would mention that if you have not had any communications with him since the exchange last Thursday, relative to the compiler flag issues.

Best regards,

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