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Date: Tue 21 Jun 2005 - 21:19:24 EST

I have found this a useful correspondence. My own wish is to define a new S4 class which differs from
class 'array' only in its default handling of the 'drop' argument i.e. drop=FALSE - not an unusual wish.

My solution is the following:



    if( !("drop"%in%names(as.list( )

        cl <- c(cl,drop=FALSE)


This behaves as I would expect. However I have an uncomfortable feeling that this is not the most
elegant solution.

Any comments?

> Thanks to Robert and Gabor for their replies, but neither was what I was
> looking for, undoubtedly because of the poor phrasing of my question (+ a
> typo -- however, even if correctly typed it doesn't work). I finally
> realized that the "elegant" approach I sought can easily be done without
> setGeneric:

> setMethod('[','foo',function(x,i,j,drop,...){
> cl<-as.list(
> cl[[2]]<-x@dat
> eval(
> })

> Indeed, this is a general template for this sort of thing. Should have
> thought of this before, as V&R's S PROGRAMMING has numerous such
> Sigh...

> -- Bert

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On 6/20/05, Berton Gunter <> wrote:
> Folks:
> This is a question about the S4 formal class system.
> Suppose I have a class, 'foo', defined by:
> setClass('foo',representation(dat='matrix', id='character') )
> I wish to define a '[' method for foo that will extract from the 'dat'
> I would have thought that the following would work, but it doesn't:
> setMethod("[","foo",function(x,i, j, .,drop=TRUE)callGeneric(x@dat,i,
> j,drop=drop) )
> The only way I have succeeded in defining this method is using brute
> eval(parse(. :
> {eval(parse(text=paste('.dat(x)[',
> ifelse(missing(i),',','i,'),
> ifelse(missing(j),']','j]'))))
> }
> This works. However, I am not able under any circumstances to pass the
> argument -- it is ignored.
> I would appreciate any pointers about how to do this properly. If this
> explicitly in the Green Book (I do not have it with me at the moment),
> will suffice.

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