Re: [R] X11, interactive device

From: Don MacQueen <>
Date: Wed 22 Jun 2005 - 00:35:41 EST

As far as I know, your options are (1) run Xvfb on the unix box, or (2) use the bitmap() device instead of jpeg(). Option 2 will require that ghostscript also be installed on the unix box.

Strictly speaking, it doesn't have to to be Xvfb. The requirement is that an X server be running.

The R on that unix box probably does have an installed interactive device, but it is not available unless an X server is running, hence your FALSE from dev.interactive().


At 12:49 PM +0200 6/21/05, wrote:
>i'm trying to set up an cgi web-application that produces maps and
>other graphics with R. for local testing i used my laptop which has
>an win xp OS. there everything works fine. now i try to move the
>whole system over on an unix machine, mainly because i want to
>establish a connection to a database. anyway, i'm using R 2.0.0 on
>an other computer in a local network. here comes my problem:
>i can't create jpeg-files, neither by starting R via my cgi-script
>nor by pasting the syntax directly into R. both ways i get the
>following error message:
>error in X11; unable to start device JPEG; could not open JPEG file.
>i found out that there is no interactive graphic device for the
>installed R-Version or it is not set correctly. as i tried
>dev.interactive(), the response was [1] FALSE.
>i'm a bit lost at the moment. i wonder if there is a chance to
>change or modify the interactive graphic device or if i really need
>to run Xvfb "device" as someone suggested before on the R-help
>mailing list. does someone has experience with this kind of trouble,
>any help available from somewhere?
>thanks in advance, lars
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