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From: Francisco J. Zagmutt <>
Date: Wed 22 Jun 2005 - 09:52:47 EST

Try RSiteSearch("zoom plot"). There are some good suggestions there.



>From: "McClatchie, Sam (PIRSA-SARDI)" <>
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>Subject: [R] R-help
>Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 09:05:05 +0930
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>Is there a function in R that is an equivalent of zoom in matlab? This is
>very useful for being able to magnify details in a plot.
>I have searched the help for "zoom", "interactive zooming", and "magnify".
>The R search engine (reached from help.start() ) keywords by topic entry
>for dynamic graphics seems to have no content, unless I made a mistake.
>Here is the matlab function description:
>Zoom in and out on a 2-D plot
>zoom on
>zoom off
>zoom out
>zoom reset
>zoom xon
>zoom yon
>zoom(fig, option)
>zoom on turns on interactive zooming. When interactive zooming is enabled
>a figure, pressing a mouse button while your cursor is within an axes zooms
>into the point or out from the point beneath the mouse. Zooming changes the
>axes limits.
>* For a single-button mouse, zoom in by pressing the mouse button and
>zoom out by simultaneously pressing Shift and the mouse button.
>* For a two- or three-button mouse, zoom in by pressing the left mouse
>button and zoom out by pressing the right mouse button.
>Clicking and dragging over an axes when interactive zooming is enabled
>a rubber-band box. When the mouse button is released, the axes zoom in to
>the region enclosed by the rubber-band box.
>Double-clicking over an axes returns the axes to its initial zoom setting.
>zoom off turns interactive zooming off.
>zoom out returns the plot to its initial zoom setting.
>zoom reset remembers the current zoom setting as the initial zoom setting.
>Later calls to zoom out, or double-clicks when interactive zoom mode is
>enabled, will return to this zoom level.
>zoom toggles the interactive zoom status.
>zoom xon and zoom yon set zoom on for the x- and y-axis, respectively.
>zoom(factor) zooms in or out by the specified zoom factor, without
>the interactive zoom mode. Values greater than 1 zoom in by that amount,
>while numbers greater than 0 and less than 1 zoom out by 1/factor.
>zoom(fig, option) Any of the above options can be specified on a figure
>other than the current figure using this syntax.
>zoom changes the axes limits by a factor of two (in or out) each time you
>press the mouse button while the cursor is within an axes. You can also
>click and drag the mouse to define a zoom area, or double-click to return
>the initial zoom level.
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