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From: Jenny Edmondson <jenny_edmondson_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu 23 Jun 2005 - 20:49:10 EST


I am using errorest function from ipred package. I am hoping to perform "bootstrap 0.632+" and "bootstrap leave one out". According to the manual page for errorest, i use the following command:

ce632[i]<-errorest(ytrain ~., data=mydata, model=lda, estimator=c("boot","632plus"), predict=mypredict.lda)$error

It didn't work. I then tried the following two commands:

ce632[i]<-errorest(ytrain ~., data=mydata, model=lda, estimator=c("632plus"), est.para=control.errorest(nboot=B), predict=mypredict.lda)$error

ceLOOB[i]<-errorest(ytrain ~., data=mydata, model=lda, estimator=c("cv"), est.para=control.errorest(k=cv.k,nboot=B), predict=mypredict.lda)$error

They worked. However, as I didn't specify "boot" in estimator, I am wondering if "bootstrap" is still perfomred. I set nboot=B in est.para.

Thanks in advance.


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