Re: [R] mulitple mixed regression with spline

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Fri 24 Jun 2005 - 19:02:55 EST

On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, james lumley wrote:

> Hi, I'm looking to implement a regression with mixed terms. I have 2

What do you mean by `mixed'? Not I think in the sense of Pinheiro & Bates' book or nlme.

> biological endpoints for a dataset of n=77, one linearly related and
> the other fits a spline. I want to combine these two terms in a
> linear regression for prediction, then apply the model to a test set.
> this works fine, good r2 and I've graphed the spline.
> m1<-lm(y~x1,data=train)
> m2<-smooth.spline(x2,y); (spl)
> what i want is
> y=x+bilin(x2)

You can see several ways to do this in MASS. Most simply

lm(y ~ x1 + ns(s2, df=?))

for regression splines. For smoothing splines, see the functions gam() in packages mgcv and gam (which differ considerably), or bruto() in mda or package gss or ....

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