[R] Mahalanobis distances

From: Karen Kotschy <karen_at_biology.biol.wits.ac.za>
Date: Sat 25 Jun 2005 - 00:22:13 EST

Dear R community

Have just recently got back into R after a long break and have been amazed at how much it has grown, and how active the list is! Thank you so much to all those who contribute to this amazing project.

My question:
I am trying to calculate Mahalanobis distances for a matrix called "fgmatrix"


[1] 76 15

>fg.cov <- cov.wt(fgmatrix)
>mahalanobis(fgmatrix, center = fg.cov$center, cov = fg.cov$cov)

Then I get an error message "Covariance matrix is apparently singular"

What does this mean? I can't see anything strange about the covariance matrix, and am not getting anywhere with the help files.


[1] 15 15

[1] 15


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