Re: [R] help with PCA and classical scaling

From: Christian Hennig <>
Date: Sat 25 Jun 2005 - 04:44:34 EST

Hi Domenico,

multidimensional scaling methods (functions cmdscale, isoMDS, sammon) start with a dissimilarity matrix while PCA starts from a data matrix with variables. Equivalence of PCA and classical MDS refers to the situation where you use the Euclidean distances between the data points on which you apply PCA. (Note: I cite this from my memory, so check it before believing it.)

> My first question is: Do I need an initial embedding of my data before
> applying PCA through the methods princomp or prcomp in the stats package?

I don't think that you need PCA at all (depends on what exactly you want to do) - an MDS method alone could be enough for you (cmdscale, if you want to do something analogous to PCA).

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