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From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Sun 26 Jun 2005 - 07:21:59 EST

          What I would say might depend on the job and the organizition to which I was applying. At a minimum, I might list under "languages" "R (a primary platform of choice for new statistical algorithm development internationally)". This may be too wordy, but knowledge of R gives you instant access to some of the best statistical techniques available in the world today, without having to justify spending more money to buy software when you don't know if it will help you or not.

          However, your question makes me wonder if you solving the wrong problem (sometimes calld a Type III error;

          Years ago, Dick Bolles ( observed that Personel Departments (or whatever they are called) typically receive 1,000 resumes for every person hired. They throw away roughly 90% of them. The remaining 10% or less go to potential hiring managers, who do roughly the same before they start contacting people. If 10 people are contacted for every person hired, that one in 1,000.

          Bolles recommends you not send out very many resumes. Instead, figure out what you most enjoy doing, find an organization that would pay you to do that, tailor your resume and cover letter to what they do.   In my last job search, I spent a few days on the web and in a library just researching the one specific company I planned to contact. My cover letter read, in essence, "I know something about what you do and why it's important. And here is how I can add value ... ." My letter did NOT go in the trash. Instead I was scheduled for a "phone screen".   By the time of that call, I'd been to the library, gotten a recent publication by the person who was to call, and had skimmed it. I passed the audition.

          spencer graves

Brian Lunergan wrote:

> Okay, Spencer's response points up my mistake in my
> explanation. Let me put the question another way.
> Here's the computer skills sections of my cv:
> Office Suites: Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite,
> OpenOffice
>  Applications: SAP, Microsoft Project, AutoCAD, DesignCAD
>  The Internet: Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Mozilla,
> Firefox, Thunderbird
>     Languages: XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Perl, C++,
> COBOL, Fortran
> What concise entry would I add to this section
> demonstrating knowledge of the R environment and language?
> --- Brian Lunergan <> wrote:

>>Afternoon folks:
>>This question may be a touch off-topic, but I had to
>>As I become more proficient with R I would like to play
>>the point in the computer skills section of my resume.
>>anybody on the list provide an idea or two as to what
>>be an appropriate way to do this? Is it a language or an
>>application? What's a proper description for it?
>>I leave to everyone's judgement as to where to respond,
>>I suspect off-list would be proper and leave the list
>>bandwidth for more directly R topics.
>>Thanks in advance for any help possible.
>>Brian Lunergan
>>Nepean, Ontario
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