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From: Christoph Buser <>
Date: Mon 27 Jun 2005 - 16:44:30 EST


It is corrected in the newer R-version. The help page now says:

'all.equal(x,y)' is a utility to compare R objects 'x' and 'y' testing "near equality". If they are different, comparison is still made to some extent, and a report of the differences is returned. Don't use 'all.equal' directly in 'if' expressions-either use 'isTRUE(all.equal(....))' or 'identical' if appropriate.

My R version is:

> version

platform x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

arch     x86_64                  
os       linux-gnu               
system   x86_64, linux-gnu       
major    2                       
minor    1.1                     
year     2005                    
month    06                      
day      20                      
language R                       

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hadley wickham writes:
> Hi,
> The description of all.equal states "is.all.equal should be used for
> programming, typically in if expressions. It is a simple wrapper using
> identical as shown in the documentation there.", but is.all.equal is
> not explicitly defined there (although there is a hint in the comments
> that is.all.equal <- function(x,y) isTRUE(all.equal(x,y))).
> Could the documentation be corrected? (or even better, how about
> defining is.all.equal by default)
> Thanks,
> Hadley
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