[R] How to extract the within group correlation structure matrix in "lme"

From: liqiu jiang <liqiurhelp_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed 29 Jun 2005 - 06:31:08 EST

Dear R users,
 I fitted a repeated measure model without random effects by using lme. I will use the estimates from that model as an initial estimates to do multiple imputation for missing values of the response variable in the model. I am trying to extract the within group correlation matrix or covariance matrix.  

here is my code:
f = lme(y ~x0+x1+trt+tim+x1:tim +tim:trt,random=~-1|subj, data=dat,corr =corAR1())
> f$sigma

[1] 2.330854

> b

Correlation structure of class corAR1 representing


I think 0.8518711 and f$sigma is what I need to reconstruct the variance-cavariance matrix. So, How can I extract 0.8518711 so that I can assign it to a variable? Also, I don't understand what the following parameters estimates mean?  

reStruct parameters:

corStruct parameters:
[1] 2.525869  

I appreciate your time on this.  

Best wishes,

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