Re: [R] Running SVM {e1071}

From: David Meyer <>
Date: Wed 29 Jun 2005 - 20:58:54 EST

> Dear David, Dear Friends,
> After any running svm I receive different results of Error estimation
> of 'svm' using 10-fold cross validation.

using tune.svm(), or the `cross' parameter of svm()?

> What is the reason ? It is caused by the algorithm, libsvm , e1071 or
> something els?

The splits are chosen randomly.

> Which value can be optimal one?

The Bayes Error.

> How much run can reach to the optimality.

What do you mean by `How much run'?

> And finally, what is difference between Error estimation of svm using
> 10-fold cross validation and MSE ( Mean Square Error ) ?

the former is an error estimation _procedure_, the latter is an error _measure.

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