Re: [R] Finding out collinearity in regression

From: Simon Blomberg <>
Date: Thu 30 Jun 2005 - 14:10:30 EST

At 01:45 PM 30/06/2005, Young Cho wrote:
>Hi, I am trying to find out a collinearity in
>explanatory variables with alias().
>I creat a dataframe:
>dat <- ds[,sapply(ds,nlevels)>=2]
>dat$Y <- Response
>Explanatory variables are factor and response is
>continuous random variable. When I run a regression, I
>have the following error:
>fit <- aov( Y ~ . , data = dat)
>Error in "contrasts<-"(`*tmp*`, value =
>"contr.treatment") :
> contrasts can be applied only to factors with
>2 or more levels

  1. Sounds like at least one of your factors has only one level. This should be easy to spot.
  2. Have you considered package perturb?

HTH, Simon.

>I think there is a dependency in explanatory
>variables. So, I wanted to use alias to find out a
>dependency in design matrix but I can't because I
>cannot create "fit" in the first place.
>One of examples I found is:
>carprice1.lm <- lm(gpm100 ~
>But, what if I can create lm object ? Then is there a
>way to find out a dependency in design matrix? Thanks
>a lot for help in advance!
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