Re: [R] bringToBottom? and tcltk document

From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Wed 06 Jul 2005 - 02:47:56 EST

On 7/5/2005 12:12 PM, wu sz wrote:

> Thanks for the answer from Uwe Ligges and Duncan Murdoch !
> if any function could do the opposite action of bringToTop()?

What is the opposite? There isn't such a thing defined in the Windows API. If you want to do anything in the API, then just grab the handle, and try it.

> Are there any introductory and detailed "tcltk" documents or help > files or books for using this package in R ?

The tcltk documentation is (in Windows) available in R_HOME/Tcl/doc. If you want something like a tutorial, you'll need to look on the web or in a library or bookstore.

Duncan Murdoch

> shengzhe
> 2005/7/5, Duncan Murdoch <>:

>> Uwe Ligges wrote:
>> > wu sz wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> >>Hello,
>> >>
>> >>I use "select.list" to obtain a window of select items, but how can I
>> >>set the position and size of this window?
>> >>
>> >>Are there any functions which are used to maximize and minimize the
>> >>window of R Console?
>> >
>> >
>> > You cannot fo windows from select.list and R console, AFAIK, but you can
>> > do for windows() devices using windows() and brintToTop(), for example.
>> That's a typo: it's bringToTop(). Another function which could be used
>> to do this is getWindowsHandle, along with C level programming to the
>> Windows API. I haven't looked into this, so it's possible the UI
>> library we use will get confused, but it should be possible to send
>> Windows messages to those handles.
>> We do have longstanding bugs with the maximized/minimized status being
>> overridden by various reset commands. I tracked down some of these
>> once, but didn't get all of them (and did introduce some new bugs). I
>> don't have the energy to fix the rest.
>> Duncan Murdoch
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