Re: [R] Tempfile error

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Thu 07 Jul 2005 - 18:51:45 EST

Doran, Harold wrote:

> Dear List:
> I am encountering an error that I can't resolve. I'm looping through
> rows of a dataframe to generate individual tex files using Sweave. At
> random points along the way, I encounter the following error
> Error in file() : cannot find unused tempfile name

Which version of R is this?
I think during one of the latest releases tempfile() name generation has been imporved, because R did not tried hard enough to find new (random) filenames for tempfiles in older releases of R.

Uwe Ligges

> At which point Sweave halts. There isn't a logical pattern that I can
> identify in terms of why the program stops at certain points. It just
> seems to be random as far as I can tell. I've searched the archives and
> of course Sweave FAQs but haven't found much that sheds light on what
> this error indicates and what I should do to resolve it.
> There are approximately 20,000 rows, meaning that about 20,000 tex files
> are created. If I sample 5,000 or even 10,000 and run the program, I do
> not encounter an error. It only occurs when I run the program on the
> full dataframe and even then the error is not occuring at the same
> point. That is, the row at which the program halts varies each time.
> Does anyone have any thoughts on this problem?
> -Harold
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