Re: [R] Making Package, Chm error, Html Help Workshop

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Thu 07 Jul 2005 - 22:57:32 EST

TEMPL Matthias wrote:

> Hello,
> When building my package (R CMD check) following error message occurs:
> ...
> varinf.plot text html latex example
> x text html latex example
> make[2]: *** No rule to make target `disclosure.chm`. Stop.
> cp: cannot stat 'D:/Programme/R/rw2010dev/disclosure/chm/disclosure.chm`: No such file or directory
> make[1]: *** [chm-disclosure] Error 1
> make: *** [pkg-disclosure] Error 2
> *** Installation of disclosure failed ***
> Removing `D:/Programme/R/rw2010dev/bin/disclosure.Rcheck/disclosure'
> Installation failed.
> It seems, that there is a problem with HTML Workshop. No chms were built.
> When I uninstall the HTML Help Workshop and remove the entry in the path environmental variable and doing packaging after this, the same error occurs.
> Im sure, that I have written the right entry (the path of the HTML help Workschop, where the hhc.exe file is) in the path of the environmental variable as the instructions said.
> (Windows XP, Intel, R 2.1.0, HTML Workshop 1.32)
> Has anybody seen such a problem before?
> Can anybody give me a hint, please?

hhc.exe is found, because it is not reported that hhc is not there. I guess you have used an irregular name (from hhc's point of view) as the name or alias of a help topic, or you have an irregular name of an Rd file.
Have you tried with a recent and released version of R such as R-2.1.1? Your's is unreleased, obviously.
If it still won't work, please sent me the source package and I will take a look.

Uwe Ligges

> Thank you very much,
> Matthias
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