Re: [R] tcltk package [SOLVED]

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Fri 08 Jul 2005 - 02:11:58 EST

>>>>> "Kurt" == Kurt Sys <> >>>>> on Thu, 07 Jul 2005 15:07:52 +0200 writes:

    Kurt> I had R 2.0.1... It's not included in that distribution of R.

That's not correct. The tcltk package has been part of R for a very long time.

The question is where you got the version of 'R 2.0.1' from that you mentioned. It must have been built by someone who didn't know how to make tcltk work ((and the "R Installation & Administration" Manual tells you about this))

    Kurt> It's ok in distribution 2.1.1.

i.e., in the one you got.
Note that it is really a matter of properly building R ... see above.


    Kurt> thx (to all that've been replying that it's included in the base 
    Kurt> distribution),
    Kurt> Kurt.

    Kurt> Liaw, Andy wrote:

    >> It's included in the base R distribution, I believe.
    >> Andy

>>> From: Kurt Sys
>>> Hi all,
>>> I have a package depending on the tcltk-package. However, I see that
>>> this package has been disappeared... Is there a reason why package
>>> 'tcltk' is not available anymore? Or is it replaced by another one?
>>> thx,
>>> Kurt.
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