Re: [R] PCA and overlaying points

From: Jacques VESLOT <>
Date: Fri 08 Jul 2005 - 15:24:47 EST

Hi Renaud,

Thanks a lot for helping !

Actually, I did think about such a function (jitter), but it didn't really solve the problem, as it may change nothing for some overlaying points and even create new cases of overlaying points. Moreover, it modifies every coordinates, even if it is not necessary.

I hoped there might be an heavier function able to change coordinates in an let's say intelligent or surgical manner...


Renaud Lancelot a écrit :
> Jacques VESLOT a écrit :
>> Dear R-users,
>> Is there an easy way to avoid points one upon another when ploting
>> rows and columns of 'dudi' objects ? Maybe there is a function in ade4
>> or in an other package, or maybe someone has his or her own function
>> to do this (for example to automatically modify a little the
>> coordinates of these points to get a readable plot ?).
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Best regards,
>> Jacques VESLOT
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> Hello Jacques,
> Have a look at ?jitter
> Best,
> Renaud
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