Re: [R] Problem compiling R 2.1.* on SUSE 9.2

From: Sean O'Riordain <>
Date: Fri 08 Jul 2005 - 17:32:07 EST


what point exactly in the command sequence does it fail? during make? or make install?

You might try saving the output and the error from the build into a file? Something along the lines of
./configure 2>&1 >filename

or even
./configure 2>&1 >filename | tee configure_output.txt



On 7/8/05, J Dougherty <> wrote:
> I have been unable to compile either R 2.1.0 or 2.1.1 under SUSE 9.2. The
> system simply hangs as far as I can tell. All key board and mouse
> service dies. I have had no problem compiling earlier versions of R through
> 2.0.1, aside from remembering to include readline in the configuration.
> Configure runs without any warnings except that Info or html versions of the
> R Manuals. The SUSE 9.2 install is generic with KDE 3.3 as the principal
> GUI. Compiling also crashes under GNOME. Because of the system hang, I
> can't provide any error codes. Perusing /var/log/messages doesn't seem to
> yield any clues. The system is a KDE AMD XP 2100, there is 1 GB of system
> ram, less than 10% of the harddisk space is in use, videocard is an nVidia
> GeForce4 Ti 4400. The OS is SUSE 9.2 and it has current updates for
> security.
> JWDougherty
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