Re: [R] Finite Mixture Models with logistic regression

From: Spencer Graves <>
Date: Sun 10 Jul 2005 - 01:34:52 EST

          As I've seen no replies to this so far, I will make my feeble attempt. "RSiteSearch('mixture regression')" just produced 107 hits, the fourth of which was for function moc in package moc. The description looked promising, but I have not used it.

          Also, "RSiteSearch('logistic regression mixture')" produced 20 hits just now, two of which were for functions in J. K. Lindsey's gnlm package. At least one of these is supposed to fit a mixture of single nuggetts at 0 and 1 with a logistic regression model. Lindsey's packages are not available for all platforms and so are not available on CRAN. To get them, you need to go to his personal web site. When I Googled just now for "J. K. Lindsey", his web site was the first hit.

          Even if this is not adequate for your needs, you can get ideas from reading the code. If you try something and can't get it to work, please submit another question. To increase the chances of a useful reply, PLEASE do read the posting guide!

          spencer graves

Feng Gao wrote:

> Do we have any R package that can do analysis on finite mixture model with
> logistic regression? Thanks
> Faith
> Feng Gao
> Dept. of Statistics
> Virginia Tech.
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