Re: [R] Please help me.....

From: Francisco J. Zagmutt <>
Date: Thu 14 Jul 2005 - 02:50:11 EST

Dear Fernando

Please read the posting guide. If you want to get an answer to your question you need to be specific about your analysis, and provide examples of the data structure and code that you tried and didn't work.



Estimado Fernando

Por favor lee la guía de publicación de preguntas en el foro. Si quieres recibir una respuesta tienes que especificar los análisis que utilizaste y dar ejemplos con la estructura de tus datos y el código que no funcionó.


>From: Fernando Espíndola <>
>To: <>
>Subject: [R] Please help me.....
>Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 18:42:14 -0400
>Hi user R,
>I am try to calculate the spectrum function in two time series. But when
>plot a single serie, the labels in axes x is in the range 0.1 to 0.6
>(frequency), but when calculate de spectrum with ts.union function, the
>labels x is in the range 1 to 6. I not understand why change the labels,
>and not know that is ralationship. Samebody can hel me in this
>Thank for all
>Fernando Espindola R.
>Division Investigacion Pesquera
>Instituto de Fomento Pesquero
>Blanco 839
>Valparaiso - CHILE
>fono: 32 - 322442
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