Re: [R] Where's iris?

From: Ruben Roa <>
Date: Thu 14 Jul 2005 - 21:49:27 EST

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> On 7/13/05, Ruben Roa <> wrote:
> > Hi:
> > Where is the iris data set actually
> > located in the R 2.1.0 folder (under W XP)?
> > Is it a text file or it is a binary file?
> > Ruben
> Uwe has already explained how to get it in text
> form; however, if you are curious about its original
> format in R then its actually stored in iris.R as
> R source code which you can view at:
> (or download the entire R source and get it from there).

The iris.R in the website and the iris.R i get from dump("iris",file="iris.R") from R 2.1.0 W XP are different (the file from dump() describes the factors using structure(as.integer(c()),.Label=c(),class="factor") whereas the file in the website uses
but the difference did not matter. I wanted to emulate the file format in a txt *.R file with my own data and i could do it with the most helpful advice by you and Uwe. Thank you!
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