[R] A statistical modeling problem

From: Ravi Varadhan <RVARADHAN_at_jhmi.edu>
Date: Fri 15 Jul 2005 - 02:15:33 EST


This is not an R related question and I apologize for that, but given the brain power of the R community it is hard for me to resist posting this here.  

I have a problem where each participant is shown a series of visual cues (displayed on a computer screen in a random order) and asked to respond by pressing a button (from a finite number of buttons) that corresponds to the correct answer. The data is of the form (r_ij , t_ij), where r_ij = 1 indicates correct response by the i-th subject on the j-th cue, and t_ij is the time taken to respond. Are there statistical models to describe this set up? Any references or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

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