[R] Newbie guide for plot & graphics functions?

From: Pete Cap <peteoutside_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat 16 Jul 2005 - 00:23:20 EST

Hello all,

Can anyone point me to a decent introduction to using the plotting and assorted graphics functions in R?  

I keep getting simple errrors and I can't figure out why, for example:  

> image(x,y,z)

Error in image.default(x, y, z) : dimensions of z are not length(x)(+1) times length(y)(+1)
> length(x)

[1] 206
> length(y)

[1] 40
> dim(z)

[1] 207 41  

It seems to me as if R is wrong--the matrix z is obviously of length(x)+1 times length(y)+1--but just as obviously I'm missing something essential. Are there any "newbie" guides out there for getting started? TIA,   Pete                 

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