Re: [R] Can't get sample function from "An Introduction to R" to work

From: Bret Collier <>
Date: Sat 16 Jul 2005 - 06:54:06 EST

If below is exactly what you typed, check your code again, I think you are missing a '}' after the last 2 parentheses.


>>> David Groos <> 7/15/2005 3:40:01 PM >>> I'm trying to figure out R, a piece at a time, hours at a time... I was trying to copy the sample function in, "An Introduction to R" (for

version 2.1.0) by W. N. Venables, D. M. Smith, page 42. Section 10.1 "Simple examples" provides a sample function which I tried to duplicate

(I'm using Mac OS X 10.3.9, and "R for Mac OS X Aqua GUI v1.11). The following is what I typed and the last line is R's response when I hit

the return key after the penultimate line. I've re-checked and re-typed the code many times to no avail. I wasn't able to find this issue using search options, either. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

 > twosam<-function(y1, y2) {
+ n1<-length(y1);n2 <-length(y2)
+ yb1<-mean(y1); yb2<-mean(y2)
+ s1<-var(y1);s2<-var(y2)
+ s<-((n1-1)*s1 + (n2-1)*s2)/(n1+n2-2)
+ tst<-(yb1-yb2)/sqrt(s*(1/n1+1/n2))
Error: syntax error


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