Re: [R] Contingency-Coefficient, Variance

From: Christoph Buser <>
Date: Mon 18 Jul 2005 - 17:34:03 EST


You can easily implement it by:

Mag. Ferri Leberl writes:
> Dear Everybody!
> Excuse me for this newbie-questions, but I have not found answers to these
> Question:
> - Is there a command calculating the variance if the whole group is known
> (thus dividing by n instead of n-1)?


> - Which is the command to calculate the
> - contingency-coefficient?

Have a look at ?chisq.test
There you can calculate and extract the chi-square statistic and then it is easy to program the needed formula. Please note that there is an argument "exact" in chisq.test(). You can set it on FALSE if you do not want to apply Yates continuity correction.


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> Thank you in advance.
> Mag. Ferri Leberl
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