Re: [R] Proportion test in three-chices experiment

From: NOEL Yvonnick <>
Date: Mon 18 Jul 2005 - 21:34:11 EST


when testing binomial hypotheses with both repeated measures and inter-group factors, you should make explicit your model on the intra-subject part of the data. You can't do Chi-square comparisons on count data that mix independent and dependent measures.

But you can define a Bernoulli logistic model at the individual single response level, and define a proper subject factor, and a stimulus-type factor, and possibly an item factor (nested within the stimulus-type category). This may be viewed as a Rasch model of measurement.

Within this model, coefficient estimates on the subject factor are measures of individual ability that can be a posteriori introduced in an ANOVA. In some cases, you can model the intra-subject part of the data as a temporal model, assuming for instance that subjects are getting more efficient as time goes on.

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