Re: [R] maps and data for german federal states

From: Greg Snow <>
Date: Thu 21 Jul 2005 - 01:20:22 EST

There are shapefiles for Europe (and other places) at: (there are 16 polygons withing the one for Germany, is that enough detail). You can read and plot the shapefiles using the maptools package.

hope this helps,

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>>> "Ebersberger, Bernd" <> 07/20/05 01:07AM >>>
dear R-tists,

i want to graph information for the German Federal States (Bundeslaender) using the maps package. unfortunately there is no maps for the German Bundeslaender.

does anyone have an idea / a source where to get map data that can be used in the maps package that graphs structures below the country level.

in the long run it would also be interesting to integrate Swiss Cantons and Austrian Bundeslšnder...

any suggestions are highly appreciated.



bernd ebersberger
fhg isi
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