Re: [R] help with a xyplot legend

From: Deepayan Sarkar <>
Date: Fri 22 Jul 2005 - 03:36:07 EST

On 7/20/05, Ronaldo Reis-Jr. <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to put a legend in a xyplot graphic.
> xyplot(y~x|g,ylim=c(0,80),xlim=c(10,40),as.table=T,layout=c(2,3), ylab="Número
> de machos capturados",xlab=expression(paste("Temperatura (",degree,"C)")),
> key=list(corner=c(0,0),x=0, y=0, text=list(legenda),lines=list(col=cor, lwd =
> espessura, lty=linha),columns=7,between=0.5,betwen.columns=0.5,cex=0.8))
> The problem is that legend is very close do xlab. I try change
> corner=c(0,0),x=0, y=0, to corner=c(0,0),x=0, y=1, but in this way the legend
> dont appear.
> How to make the vertical bottom area of the plot bigger to put the legend a
> bit separated of the xlabel?

Where exactly do you want the legend? If it's outside and below the plot, you should try
space="bottom" instead of x,y,corner, etc. Otherwise, with space="inside", no attempt will be made to save space for the legend.

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