Re: [R] problem building R packages in windows xp

From: Jordi <>
Date: Mon 25 Jul 2005 - 04:11:57 EST

Thank you for the fast answers (on Sunday! ;->). I have tried your suggestions and I have been able to finish the process and use the package already. It was my mistake: I did not type correctly the path for the Microsoft help compiler.  

Kind regards  


From: Jordi [] Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 7:39 PM
Cc: 'Molins, Jordi'; 'Jordi'
Subject: problem building R packages in windows xp  

Dear R users,  

I am having problems building R packages in Windows xp. I have followed the instructions from Peter E. Rossi in Documentation -> Other, except for the TeX version (fpTeX), since when I go to the recommended webpage, it is said that fpTeX has been discontinued. I have MikTeX in my computer, and I have followed the recommendations in I have followed the so called Workaround 4.  

After running R CMD Rd2txt and R CMD Rdconv without problems, I have a problem when I run R CMD build <package>. It is always in the .chm file:  

>>> Building/Updating help pages for package 'test'

Formats: text html latex example chm

riChisq                         text html latex example chm

hhc: not found

cp: cannot stat 'c:/temp/RPackageExample-19Jul05/test/chm/test.chm': No such file or directory  

I do not know if this error is due to the TeX version, or if I am doing any other error. Does anybody have some idea?  

Thank you in advance  


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