Re: [R] Association rules

From: ronggui <>
Date: Wed 27 Jul 2005 - 00:36:37 EST


in the foreign package,you can use read.csv command to read the csv can use excel to open the file and save as cvs should read the manuals first,which tells in details how to import your data into R.

before you use the command frome the arules package,you should first type the command

>Hello !
>I just start in using R, and I have already questions...
>I want to use the arules package : I have installed the package, and have
>the arules package 's reference manual, but I haven't yet understood how to
>use it.
>I have my data (from Excel, .txt), that I have read on R : I think (hope !)
>it's ok
>Then, what must I do first to analyse my data (to identify the association
>rules) ? I suppose I have to "transform" my file, but how ? Which commands
>must I use to ?
>Thanks for all !
>Sophie !
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