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Date: Wed 27 Jul 2005 - 22:06:39 EST

Dear Sean  

Thank you, however the heatmap() function from the stats package does not have this option.
Browsing around I see that you mean heatmap.2() from package gplots, which we have not
installed yet.  

Is there also another possibility besides heatmap.2() since I would also need this option for
e.g. function image().  

Best regards

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See the breaks argument to heatmap.  


> Dear expeRts,
> Currently, my colors are as follows:
> mycol <-
> c("blue1","blue2","blue3","blue4","black","yellow4","yellow3","yellow2","y

> ellow1")
> heatmap(snp, Rowv=NA, Colv=NA, col=mycol)
> However, I would like to have the following colors:
> bright blue -> dark blue: for intensity range from 0 to 2 in steps of 0.5

> (i.e. 4 grades of blue)
> black: for intensity 2
> dark yellow -> bright yellow: for intensity range from 2 to 8 in steps of
> 0.5 (i.e. 8 grades of yellow)
> You may realize that I want to display copy number data from SNP-chips as
> heatmap.
> Since copynumber = 2, is the default value, I want to display it in black,

> LOH in increasing blue, and amplifications in increasing yellow.
> Even though there may be higher amplification rates, a value of CN=8
> should already display the brightest yellow.
> In Spotfire it is easy to achieve this, especially that CN=2 is always
> displayed as black, however, I do not know how to do it in R.
> Can you tell me how I have to create the colors to achieve this?
> (P.S.: Of course, I could do: snp[snp>8] <- 8, but this will not solve my
> problem with asymmetric colors)
> Thank you in advance
> Christian Stratowa
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