Re: [R] LyX and Sweave

From: Gorjanc Gregor <>
Date: Wed 27 Jul 2005 - 23:28:54 EST


> >> Using an Sweave shell script like Gregor's in combination with
> >> "lyx -e latex" might do the trick to have direct conversion to PDF
> >> from the LyX GUI.

> > Note that this is not the only possible way. As I showed, the other one i.e.
> > noweb mode in LyX (look in file SweaveNoweb.lyx and its PDF at URL above)
> > can deal with Sweave in all ways i.e. export or view to any supported formats
> > by LyX.

> The point was actually not so much about .Stex versus .Snw but that
> you can integrate all into the LyX GUI: For my import above I get a
> menu entry

> File->Import->Sweave

> in the LyX GUI whhich probably is appealing to GUI-users. The same
> could be done by registering .Snw and modifying the noweb import
> filter accordingly.

> The same should be done for output, such that one can do

> File->Export->Sweave+PDF

Nope. That's what I also thought, but I was really amaized when discovered that there is no need for this. You only need to set up noweb stuff as mentioned at


and use article(noweb) for document style. Then everything (export and view directly from LyX GUI) just works. As I said I was really surprised with it. Try with SweaveNoweb.lyx and you will see. This way, one can skip my silly ;)

> (or whatever you want to call it) directly from within LyX, rather
> then saving & renaming as you suggest under "Compilation".

> But I'm too much of an Emacs person to really spend time on such
> things ... but I'll be happy to collect information and integrate it
> into the Sweave manual.

I also prefer Emacs this days, and I really did not spend a lot on this LyX feature, but since it is "so easy" I just couldn't retain to share.

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