Re: [R] CSV file and date. Dates are read as factors!

From: Don MacQueen <>
Date: Fri 29 Jul 2005 - 00:25:29 EST

It's really pretty simple.

First, if you supply to read.csv() [or read.table()] then your dates will be read as character strings, not factors. That saves the step of converting them from factor to character.

Then, use as.Date() to convert the date columns to objects of class "Date". You will have to specify the format, if your dates are not in the default format.

> tmp <- as.Date('2002-5-1')
> as.Date(Sys.time())-tmp

Time difference of 1184 days

If your dates include times, then use as.POSIXct() instead of as.Date().

> tmp <- as.POSIXct('2002-5-1 13:21')
> Sys.time()-tmp

Time difference of 1183.746 days

If you don't want to use, perhaps because you have other columns that you *want* to have as factors, then either supply colClasses to read.csv, or else just use format() to convert the factors to character.


As an aside, you might save yourself some time by using read.xls() from the gdata package.

And of course, there's always the ugly work-around. In your Excel, create new columns in which the dates are formatted as numbers, presumably as the number of days since whatever Excel uses for its origin. Then, in R, you can simply subtract the numbers. If you have date-time values in Excel, this might be a little trickier.


At 9:28 PM -0400 7/27/05, John Sorkin wrote:
>I am using read.csv to read a CSV file (produced by saving an Excel file
>as a CSV file). The columns containing dates are being read as factors.
>Because of this, I can not compute follow-up time, i.e.
>Followup<-postDate-preDate. I would appreciate any suggestion that would
>help me read the dates as dates and thus allow me to calculate follow-up
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