Re: [R] Drawing a graph with vertices and edges using tcl/tk

From: Gabor Grothendieck <>
Date: Sun 31 Jul 2005 - 23:49:21 EST

Another approach is the Bell Labs graphviz system. See

For an example of using it from R, see the dot.proto function in the 'proto' package. dot.proto generates dot language output to draw a graphviz graph of the objects in any R program written using 'proto'.

   # see ?dot.proto for instructions on displaying graph

The above approach should work on any OS supported by R (since graphviz works on all of them); however, on UNIX one could also use the Rgraphviz package that specifically interfaces R with graphviz:

On 7/31/05, Søren Højsgaard <> wrote:
> Dear all; I would like to draw a graph with vertices and edges, and I guess tcl/tk would be appropriate. I don't know tcl/tk but have googled for a 10-page (or so) introduction to 'getting started with tcl/tk in R' but without any luck.
> - Does anyone know of the existence of such a document or any other web-based material on the subject?
> - Does anyone have an (informative) piece of code which does something similar to what I want?
> Thanks in advance
> Søren
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